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Artist Cecilia Rivera Aragon loves to collaborate with other creative minds.

"GO-GIRL"  - Baby Bash feat. E-40

I was invited by music producer/video editor @THATGUY510 of 4DUB ENTERTAINMENT & visual artist/Filmmaker/editor @VinnieHobbs of NKP to possibly style the artists & females in Baby Bash feat. E-40 latest hit video, “Go-Girl.”  Since all outfits were set, I was asked to be part of the video.  It was pretty cool and by far, the most professional and highest budget music video shoot I’ve experienced.  It was a cool experience and I loved all the action on set. I was rockin my WORLD SERIES ATTITUDE tee which was a collaboration between me and Chris Cruz of California’s Bay Area’s premier entertainment crew,  Up the City.  Enjoy the video

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